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Sri Vittal Rukmini Sarva Vidyalaya is another ambitious project that Sri vittaldas maharaj has taken up for Veda Rakshanam. The Vedas are the very basis of not only our religious practices, but our social, legal and domestic obligations as well. There's nothing that the Vedas don't contain! It is humanly impossible to learn the Vedas in one's lifetime. Hence it was further classified by the legendary sage, Jagatguru Ved Vyaasa as four, Rig, yajur, sama and atharva. To make it even more accessible, it was further classified into 1134 Shakhas(branches) which were assigned to various states across the country to be learned and practised. As several decades passed, due to diversification and lack of diligence, out of these 1134 Shakhas, only 12 exist now. The Vedas were originally classified into 1134 shakhas out of which only 12 exist now. The vision of our Sri Vittal Rukmini Sarva Vidhyalaya is to further preserve and protect these 12 existing shakhas from becoming further extinct and to make people learn and practice the Shakhas particularly assigned to them.

The Vittal Rukmini Sarva Vidyalaya is being built now with all modern amenities and with separate classes for each shakha, a dining hall big enough to serve 800 children, dormitory rooms for the students, individual houses for the teachers and a dedicated Library. The vidhyalaya will conduct the following courses Sarva Shakha Veda Vidhyalaya, Veda Bhashya College, Shroutha College, Vaikanasa Agama Patashala(training for temple priest), Smarta prayoga patashala (training to conduct spiritual ceremony), Sastra college and a modern school are all part of Sri Vittal Rukmini University which is being built in across 13 acres of land.

The classes of Sri Vittal Rukmini Sarva Vidyalaya have begun with five shakhas for now with more than 90 students from various parts of the country practising in our current infrastructure.

Our uniqueness makes us special
  • A holistic place for the complete Vedic studies
  • A residential Vidhyalaya located inside the campus of Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan on the banks of river Cauvery with pure unpolluted water and air.
  • Healthy and serene ambiance.
  • Spacious living space with all facilities
  • Provision for master's studies is available in the same campus.
  • Direct recruitment for the master programs for the qualified scholars with a stipend of 5,000 per month during the Pravesha patam (Foundation course) and 10,000 per month during the master studies (Specialization in Sastra, Shoutha, Veda Bhashyam, or Shadanga) with residential facilities.
  • Promotion of Vedic research.
  • Parents can stay in special cottages while visiting their children.

Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan has taken up the responsibility to preserve, protect, and propagate Vedas, and intended to establish an institution called Sri Vittal Rukmini Vishwa Vidhyalaya in an area of 10 acres with 1,00,000 sq.ft built area. It is to be established as a unique vedic center all under one roof by setting up separate schools for traditional Vedic education of the entire Hindu Dharma.

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