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All renovations for our temple has started on a full swing. The costs for this elaphantine task are as below:

  1. 1. Repairing the compound walls and paint work from the Garbha Griham to the Maha Dwaar: 100 Lakhs
  2. 2. Building a 51 Ft Gopuram above the Maha Mandapam with Maharastrian art accents: 60 Lakhs
  3. 3. Leakage Arrest repairs for 12,000 sqft, including the Maha Mandapam and Vasantha Mandapam: 60 Lakhs
  4. 4. Flooring the entire Prakaram with fine grained Basalt (Karunkal): 25 Lakhs
  5. 5. Power saving lighting and other electrical works for all the Gopurams and Mandapams: 50 Lakhs
  6. 6. Air Conditioning works for 12,000 sqft: 50 Lakhs
  7. 7. Interior decoration inclusive of wooden carving, sculpting and fibreglass painting: 25 Lakhs
  8. 8. Building repair work: 30 Lakhs

  9. Estimated Total: 400 Lakhs